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If you have any questions about our products or customer service, please fill in the information below then tell us your questions.

Product Return Request

In the message section, please tell us about your order number, product name with issue and order date shipment (if available). In addition, you can attach the URL of photos, videos about the defective product (You can use Dropbox or Drive Google to create URL and share it here). When we receive your product return request, we need at least 24 hours to review and will notify you as soon as the review is complete.

Billing Issues

When you order from our website, if you detect any issues related to the payment, please let us know. If it's a technical error, we will send you 500 Reward Points to thank you.

Free Shipping Request

You see an expensive shipping costs from a product you want to buy? Don't worry because you can get FREE SHIPPING. Please send us the product URL and your country. We will discuss with some shipping providers and notify you in 1 minute. This is a great customer service from Zushopping.

Looking to get a price matched? We can help

Zushopping is happy to match prices against other online retailers. However, to make sure that we match fairly and consistently, here's a few pointers about how we roll:

  • The item must be available for anyone to buy
  • The exact attributes that you require must be in stock
  • The item must not be in a sale promotion
  • Member discounts you may have with the matched site will not be included in the price match
* Required information

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